A Praying Life

When we focus on the “right” way to pray, we miss the opportunity to walk in authentic fellowship with God.



I remain confident of this:
I will see the goodness of the Lord
in the land of the living.


5 Attributes of a Lasting Marriage

We live in a time where marriages don’t last inside and outside the church. The way that a couple handles conflict can determine success or failure in their marriage and future family.  Ben Ortiz

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True Measure of a Man

In our performance driven culture, this book provides liberating truth on how to be set free from the fear of failure, comparing ourselves to others, and the false ideas we have about masculinity. Ben Ortiz

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Friends looking at a smartphone

No Fear in Love

Fearfulness will tell the lie that if we share with others what is actually going on in our lives or what we are really thinking, people will take this knowledge and use it to exploit us, harm us, embarrass us, and ultimately ruin us. L.K. Ortiz

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The Inner Struggle of Every Woman

If we operate thinking that our performance or a man is going to complete you, then you will be a slave to your desire to find validation in an imperfect man and in a world that will always leave you longing for more. L.K. Ortiz

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Today’s Gospel.
Recapture The Wonder.

Wonder has a direct bearing on hope and good in the world.




We All Marry the Wrong Person

I recently read an article titled "Why You Will Marry the Wrong Person" — and it intrigued me. I've never really heard this statement from anyone other than those who are suffering in the current state of their marriage.

It seems as though this thought is the go-to statement when things get tough and someone wants out of a marriage. It was definitely my go-to thought when I was a struggling young bride.